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Santa Monica Pressure Washing Services

If you are looking for a power washing company in Santa Monica, CA to clean your deck, house, or business; look no further than Constant Pressure Washing. They offer services such as power washing and gum removal. Power washing removes grime and dirt from buildings while gum removal gets rid of unwanted chewing gum on sidewalks and walkways. For an estimate call today!

Commercial Power Washing

If you are looking for a power washing service for your business in Santa Monica, look no further than Constant Pressure Washing. They offer commercial power washing services that remove grime and dirt from buildings without the use of harsh chemicals. Power washers are also used to clean concrete surfaces such as sidewalks and walkways around your business which will save you time from cleaning yourself.

Industrial Power Washing

If you are looking for a power washing service that can handle the needs of larger buildings, be sure to check out Constant Pressure Washing. They offer industrial power washing services which includes using enough water pressure to cut through tough dirt and grime on building exteriors including brick facades, metal surfaces as well as concrete structures such as driveways.

Residential Power Washing

If you need to clean your home or apartment, our power washing services can handle all of your needs. We have many different types of pressure washers and cleaning solutions to meet the variety of surfaces you might need cleaned for your home or apartment such as brick, siding, vinyl windows, decks and more! If you are looking to save time on scrubbing down your driveway give us a call now.

Making sure your home is clean is not only great for the aesthetics, but it is also great for the environment. Our power washing services will help keep allergens and pollutants outside where they belong, ultimately improving your air quality inside.

We have been providing residential power washing in Santa Monica CA for many years and we are confident that our company has all of the tools you need to make sure your home or apartment looks fresh again.

Concrete Power Washing

Driveways, garages, sidewalks, patios and more all can be power washed to clean up any dirt, grime or oil that has gotten worked into the surface. Power washing is a quick solution for cleaning concrete surfaces without scrubbing down with harsh chemicals which might damage the surface. As dirty as your concrete looks now, we can get your surfaces looking like new. It is a quick and eco-friendly solution for any of your concrete needs.

Gum Removal Service

Gum on your sidewalk is a problem for many people and it is not easily removed. With our non-toxic gum removal service, you can get your gum cleaned up with a quick call to Constant Pressure Washing Company. Our high pressure water system will blast the residue off of concrete surfaces without any damage done. We have even had great success removing that sticky icky goodness from asphalt, conrete, and other surfaces.

There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or costly power washers when you can have a quick and affordable service done by our skilled technicians in Santa Monica, CA. Contact us today for more information!



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