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Rooftop Pressure Washing Service

We offer Rooftop Pressure Washing Service in Santa Monica which involves deep cleaning the roof of your home or office. The roof of a house tends to build up the most pollutants, yet it is often neglected. Because of that it tend to gather the most pollutants on your property. Also, it protects and shields the house against direct sunlight and rainfall. Considering this enormous structural importance, it should not be ignored.

Rooftop power cleaning requires a lot of skills and techniques. Unlike the floor that you can ordinarily clean and mop, you cannot jump off to your building roof and start cleaning. More so, the roof is more exposed and more prone to accumulating dirt and pollutants. Similarly, if you leave your rooftop unchecked, the accumulation of moss, algae, fungi, and mildew can cause irreversible damage to your roofing materials. These are some reason you could benefit from a rooftop pressure washing service in Santa Monica.

Common Indicators That Shows You Need Rooftop Pressure Washing Service in Santa Monica

Do you notice a change in the color of your roof? Don’t worry; you are not alone. This is one of the major indicators that you need to clean your roofs. IF you encounter any of these problems, it is time to clean your roof.

1.    Algae

Do you notice black streaks or stains on your roof? If yes, it may be due to a form of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. Naturally, algae start to grow on the Northern part of the roof due to exposure to sunlight. This forms hot spots which can cause damage to the roof after a long period.

2.    Mold

There is no need to describe how mold looks on the roof. It forms colored blotches, often brown, green, or black on color. Mold grows when moisture is continually deposited and absorbed through the roof. However, this moisture can harbor bacteria and mold, which affects the overall worth of the roof. Furthermore, if this mold is not removed, it can cause serious respiratory illness and disease.  

3.    Mildew

Mildew is a powdery substance found on the surface of the roof. Mildew is bacteria with black – pink color. Mildew infestation is usually caused by the poor drainage system and can have negative effects on your roof and health. More so, mildew spreads fast, even faster than other bacteria growths.

4.    Lichens and Moss

Lichens and Moss are fungal infestations that can wreak havoc on your roof. They often appear as green patches on the surface of the roof. If not controlled on time, these growths will take over your roof and cause mass deterioration. Hire a rooftop pressure washing service in Santa Monica to remove this fungal growth before it damages your roof.

Enhance the Longevity of your Rooftop with Constant Pressure Washing Ltd

Your building’s roof endures a lot of dirt and contaminants throughout the year due to its location. More so, it forms an integral part of the overall home beauty. Rooftop cleaning requires a lot of expertise. Since it is not somewhere you can easily reach during your routine house cleaning, you need a professional cleaner.

Constant Pressure Washing Ltd is a professional, licensed, and insured cleaning company. We offer a wholesome rooftop pressure washing service in Santa Monica. We utilize a variety of techniques to clean your roofs and make them spotless. Also, we are extra careful and conscious of your expensive properties so that they don’t get damaged.

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